Community Healing, Yoga, Meditation

Welcome to the wonderful world of The Bisley Yurt and Enchanted Studio.

We are three, myself, Amanda, my husband Adrian and Henry, our 15 year old son, four, if you include Poppy, the Jack Russell and considerably more if you include the horses and chickens!!  

We have lived here at Miles Green Farm for almost 16 years now and “Yurtie” has been up and running for five years.  In lockdown, another beautiful and unique venue, The Enchanted Studio came about.

The Bisley Yurt and Enchanted Studio are all about Community, bringing like minded people together and we take great pleasure in watching our clients appreciate, love and enjoy the space that we have created.  I am told time and time again how people come through our gates and experience a wonderful feeling of calmness and peace.

About twelve years ago now, I met a lovely friend, Suzanne Cambray, through another lovely friend, Karen Langridge, who invited me to attend a “reiki share” evening.  I had no idea what this was at the time but I am very open minded, and I have always had an interest in alternative therapies.  So along I went.  I had a wonderful and very fascinating evening and very soon after that evening attending my Reiki I, II and III Courses with Suzanne!

The Law of Attraction is extremely powerful and from that day on, I have attracted more and more therapists.  The Energy you exude is the energy you attract.  “Yurtie” came about due to one of my holistic contacts suggesting that “we had the space and they required a lovely venue in which to practice”…………………….!!  We had been using the field for such workshops – great in the summer months, but not so ideal during the winter months!! 

Adrian and I have always loved a Yurt, hence The Bisley Yurt was born in 2017, and what a wonderful space it is.  With all the daily positive energy generated through sound healing, yoga, meditation, crystals, mediumship and all things holistic that is now deeply embedded within its fabric, it has become a most sacred and very special space.  

At the beginning of 2020, that “peculiar” year, “Yurtie” was so booked up that Adrian and I decided there was certainly the requirement for another unique and special space.  Thus came about The Enchanted Studio. With its woodland and unicorns, this has a different but nevertheless lovely energy, not as light or as “spritely” as Yurtie, but with its own unique feel.

We are predominantly a Wellness Centre, but are pleased to welcome family and friends gatherings, baby naming ceremonies, baby showers, childrens parties, charity events and the less rowdy variety of hen parties!!  As I have mentioned previously, it gives Adrian and I a great deal of pleasure watching the local Community enjoy and share with us The Green Space and unique and very beautiful venues.

Why not come on over and experience the amazing energy of The Bisley Yurt and Enchanted Studio for yourself!